Saving Tip: Baby Product Trade With Parent Friends

When you have a baby in the house, the expenses just keep mounting up. Baby products don’t come cheap and though they are meant to last long, they simply don’t. Either the baby does not use the product as much as expected (there will be a number of toys that lay untouched, in every house) or they may out grow them sooner than expected.


The best option for parents who don’t want to keep spending on baby products, is to trade. There are a number of parents in every city who have a handful or even a room full of baby products that were hardly used or are maintained in good condition.

Though all products cannot be recycled or reused, some of them can be traded or recycled based on the usage and condition. One of the products you are bound to buy and make a mistake in, are the baby swings and bouncers.

While baby bouncers are meant to soothe the baby and help them sleep better, some of the babies refuse to even stay put in them. In such cases, the parents may not want to keep it around and may want to sell it for a good price.

At times, you may realize the baby does not really like a particular model and may settle down in a differ model in the store. In such cases, rather than going out and buying the other bouncer, you can trade the one you have for the one you need, with another parent in a similar situation.

Your biggest friend in such situations is the online portals and parenting groups on social media. The fellow parents will be able to guide you about various products and you may even find the bouncer you want to trade yours with.

Read reviews by other parents, this will help you choose a baby bouncer, as you can avoid or choose certain models based on the feedback.