Which Rolex model to buy as your first watch?

It can be difficult to decide your first Rolex watch as you don’t know much about Rolex watches. Many people don’t know about Rolex watches in detail but want the name on their wrist and some people have very close connection with these watches as they know about the model, history and they may be having habit of Rolex collection. And it is very hard to choose your first Rolex to be because all the options are included. Your first Rolex should have some meaning, should suit every style and use for long duration. There are many models in Rolex but one of the best is Rolex submariner, they are designed in such a way that they are resistant to water and corrosion. These watches were first introduced 60 years ago which are very popular and versatile.

This submarine model consists of eight awful models and made from purest materials with great attention paid for quality and excellence. These submariner models are made of steel and yellow gold and present in different colours of black, blue, green. Water proof to maximum water depth is of 300m and it is featured with date change at mid night in a single short rotation. The size of dial is of 40mm wide steel case in middle round in shape. These watches are encased in precious metals and jeweled with precious stones.

This brand is well recognized universally and craftsmanship combines with best of man and machine and their styling is conservative, steel used by them is 904L steel which is more expensive and complicated for machines so no other brands use this steel for making watches. Best thing is that they make improvements continuously. If you want the cheapest Rolex submariner watches go here.