Cheapest consolidation loan – comparison of offers

A consolidation loan is a great solution for people who have several financial obligations. Do you pay back the loan, installments for the TV, holiday loan? Regardless of the purpose and scope of the debt, you can combine all your obligations into one installment – i.e. consolidate. When choosing an offer, it’s worth choosing the cheapest one – thanks to that the cost of the monthly installment will decrease. Check where to look for the cheapest consolidation loans and what else to look for!

What is consolidation?

What is consolidation?

Debt consolidation combines several liabilities into one. Thanks to this, we can pay one installment for all previous debts. In the case of a consolidation loan from the formal side, it looks like the bank in which we take it, regulates our existing debts, and we receive in return one loan that is the sum of liabilities. Most often, we can also receive additional cash on this occasion.

We can often get a consolidation loan on good terms. In addition, the repayment can be spread over a convenient period – thanks to which the monthly installment decreases (interest is also charged to us only by one institution – this is an additional saving).

The repayment period should be adjusted to our financial capabilities. Remember that the longer the repayment period, the lower the installment will be, but the total cost of the loan will increase. When choosing an offer, let’s also check the interest rate and commission – it’s worth choosing the cheapest consolidation loan so as not to fall under the rain gutter.

Debt consolidation gives us the possibility of a new start, which is why this loan is often called a debt loan . It is a perfect solution for people struggling with several debts and having difficulty repaying them on time.

Where to find the cheapest consolidation loan?

Where to find the cheapest consolidation loan?

The cost of a consolidation loan is influenced not only by interest, but also by commission. When choosing the cheapest consolidation loan, we should pay attention to the amount of both of these values. Below are the best offers last months. However, it is worth remembering that the final amount of fees will depend on the consumer’s creditworthiness.

A consolidation loan at CreditCole

Debt consolidation at CreditCole is the cheapest solution at the moment. The biggest advantages of the offer are even 0% commission and low interest rate. Additionally, if we decide to take a loan with a co-borrower, we can count on increasing its amount.

Offer parameters:

Interest 6%
Commission 0%
The minimum loan amount 1000 zlotys
Maximum loan amount $ 150,000
Loan repayment period 1-120 months


Mini Consolidation Eicredit

Mini Consolidation Eicredit is an option for people who want an additional injection of cash. By combining your debts under Mini Eicredit we have the opportunity to receive an additional amount of up to 25% of the value of consolidated liabilities. In addition, the Eicredit bank offers us credit holidays and enables convenient repayment day selection. The cost of credit is slightly higher than in the case of CreditCole, but Eicredit bank often launches special promotions – so it’s worth following them.


Offer parameters:

Interest 8%
Commission 5%
The minimum loan amount 1000 zlotys
Maximum loan amount $ 120,000
Loan repayment period 1-120 months


A consolidation loan at MeteorBank

MeteorBank offers a consolidation loan on really good terms – the costs will be comparable or even slightly lower than in the case of Mini Eicredit. An additional advantage is the ability to consolidate liabilities with a total value of up to $ 200,000. At MeteorBank, we can also count on bonus funds for any purpose.

Offer parameters:

Interest 5.9%
Commission 5.9%
The minimum loan amount $ 35,000
Maximum loan amount $ 200,000
Loan repayment period 6-120 months


Consolidation loan at SoulBank

Debt consolidation at SoulBank ranks 4th in terms of the cost of the offer, however 1. in terms of the possibility of receiving additional funds. As part of this loan, we can consolidate a lower amount than at MeteorBank – up to $ 150,000, but we can receive additional funds equivalent to 100% of the sum of consolidated funds.

Offer parameters:

Interest 7.77%
Commission 7.77%
The minimum loan amount $ 500
Maximum loan amount $ 150,000
Loan repayment period 3-96 months


Credit comparator – see for yourself!

Credit comparator - see for yourself!

Are you looking for the perfect loan for yourself and want to compare more offers? The consolidation loan comparison tool gives you such a possibility. You will find various offers sorted according to the estimated APRC, i.e. the actual annual interest rate (the cost of interest, commissions and any additional fees).

We collect the best offers every month in the Ranking of consolidation loans. Visit him and you may be inspired.

If you need help choosing an offer, please contact our consolidation loan advisor. Fill out the contact form and the adviser will call you back and answer your questions without any obligations and help you choose an offer that will meet your expectations.

A consolidation loan is a great solution for people who have several debts on their account. It allows you to combine all installments into one, reduce your monthly cost and start with a blank card. Are you wondering how to find the cheapest consolidation loan ? Credit Comparison is a tool that will help you make a decision!

Debt consolidation allows you to combine several liabilities into one installment – thanks to this, we not only reduce the monthly cost of the installment, but also start with a blank card. However, how to choose the cheapest consolidation loan? Check what to look for and review the available offers in the loan comparison engine.