Diamonds Are Forever: Ways To Make Money From Selling Jewellery

I wanted to become an entrepreneur:

After a terrible bout of disease that left me slightly weak on my left side, I was devastated. I had to drop out of college mid way and it did not help that I was excelling in academics. My grades were so good that I wanted to be able to push myself into an A-listed company at the campus recruitment that was bound to happen a few months before the unfortunate day when I suddenly collapsed in the foyer.

The loss of crucial time:

Doctors later told my kith that had I got immediate help by a paramedic, I would have had bounced back. But unfortunately, there was no one around to notice that I had fallen, I lay unconscious for well over two hours before someone walked in and found me there. I was rushed to the hospital.

Now, since recuperation and one and half years later, I wanted to set up a shop; an online one. While in bed, I had a lot of resources on jewellery making because I realized that jewellery did make my day when I was down and dreary. My cousin’s daughter had been gifted a bead set and as she sat next to my bed, she kept on chirping about the new bracelets that she was designing and tried to wrap them on my wrist. That is when the idea struck.

I wanted to be able to sell diamond jewellery:

I tried doing my research on a reliable diamond buyer in the area. Sourcing out diamonds was not difficult. I decided to zero in on an organization that would help me grade the stones. I made my own designs. The day I hosted the online store, I was a bunch of nerves. Six hours later, I got my first order and that boosted my self confidence.

It has been seven months today, my store is doing extremely well with the word of mouth advertising that it has been able to garner. I am so proud of myself. “Thank you people for trusting me” is all I can say under my breath! I feel humbled!!