Finding the Best input Device for recording

Great music doesn’t come effortlessly. To enjoy the right form of music and in the right track, everything must be aligned to match and gel well. If there is a disturbance among anyone, there is every possible chance of getting it spoilt.

Now, with many devices out in the market, that claim to be eligible for recording, including smartphones, it’s pretty difficult to talk about finding the right device for recording. In case you are extremely concerned about the quality of your music output, then we suggest that you upgrade your input devices to hit the chords right.

Here is what you can change and it doesn’t require much of your time and money, once you know which suits best.


This main input device for any recording. Be it at your home studio or in the recording studio, great input for higher quality sound; the microphone is hardware that changes the quality of recording sound. This one really needs some good up-gradation, if you have bought some local ones for your training purposes.

It’s one of the best examples for ‘what you pay, so you get’. Never estimate things without actually researching about them. Professional microphones would be available for you as low as $40. So, never settle for the low ones, once you expand your studio to be a pro.

Shure microphones can never go haywire. The models, especially SM58, are the best bet for your professional world.

If you are looking for a little lesser, a condenser microphone will be a good choice. This will be the most suitable one for you, with good accuracy and dynamic response when compared to other dynamic microphones.

Don’t omit the other accessories like the cables that are essential for your microphones to work. Find the products at good professional audio essentials stores, that have the finest grade to things.