Footwear Rules

You might wonder why to care for the footwear that you wear everyday but the fact is footwear are responsible for constituting the foundation on which you stand. Do not forget that your shoes absorb your weight’s force more than 3000 times in a day and if you make a wrong choice then it will cause you discomfort and you can even get injured. Also not to forget the appearance aspect that is necessary since people not only notices your clothes, but also your footwear gets noticed. Hence, the ideal way to pick a pair of shoes is to see if it looks appealing as well as functional.

Few footwear rules that should be kept in mind are the following:

  • First rule is to wear the right pair of shoes for the right occasion. Most men make this mistake very often to wear wrong shoes at wrong places. Say for example, running shoes are meant for shielding your feet while you go for a run but when you for a party, you should prefer to wear formal shoes. You cannot wear casual footwear with a formal outfit at a party. Many people fail to understand the concept of casual and formal.
  • You should invest on a good quality pair of shoes. Do not hold back when it comes to buying an expensive but a high quality pair if you can afford it. You must understand that the low quality shoes are usually made with low quality materials such as paper and cardboard which will not last you for long. You can better save some money and buy some shoes which can last for a long time.
  • A lot of people even hesitate to spend extra bucks when it comes to buying shoes for hikes. There is no denying the fact that some of the best hiking boots for men can be quite costly but then it offers great protection to your feet as well.