Honey, Look What The Kids Are Up To!

B1934 1          Honey, Look What The Kids Are Up To!

Gardening runs in the family:

Or should I say the love of gardening runs in the family. If there is one thing that we as a family enjoy doing on all days then it is beautifying the garden. There is something so wholly satisfying about the experience that whenever we are drifting apart because of work or personal/familial commitments we make it a point to come together to do a garden project and the bonding returns!

The kids love it too:

You would generally associate the art of potting and planting and gardening per se to be something that people in their middle age do or probably in their ripe old age. But, you can see the children in the house are so excited when we bring new seeds and potted plants home that they cannot contain their excitement and want to do it immediately.

Indeed, we are a gifted family:

When I look at our children and then at our garden I feel so happy from the inside that the future of the world and of the mankind is at least a few percent safer because of the children like ours. Their love for all things green has got them several accolades at their school and in their neighborhood and we are so proud of their green initiatives of planting trees near the road shoulders that they have undertaken as a team with other neighborhood kids!

They even gifted their school a quality lawnmower for transporting!

It was the most thoughtful thing from them to do to have donated a lawnmower where the person can sit on it while mowing the lawn. They reasoned that the gardener in the school was too old to be able to use a manual one and that gifting it to the school was only a step towards having a better manicured lawn at all times! What could we say than to look upwards to the heavens and praise the lord for blessing us with such lovely children!