Save money on bank change

It may be a good idea to investigate the possibility of a bank transfer to ensure a favorable banking solution. Because there can be several thousand dollars to save, and there is hardly any reason to pay more than is absolutely necessary?

However, there are several things that come into play when assessing which bank is best for you. Read and learn about your banking situation!


The good customer in the bank

The good customer in the bank

Whichever bank you choose, they are all interested in “the good customer”. Being a good customer requires that you do not spend too much time, comply with agreements, manage the finances and show commitment with the bank.

The banks are all different and specialize in different directions and product types. Some banks may have a strong focus on sales and internal banking goals rather than actual customer advice and others may have extremely high fees and interest rates relative to your specific loan needs.

Therefore, when assessing your banking situation, it requires that you consider what type of customer you are and what you expect a banking collaboration to be. This ensures you are most likely to find the bank that best matches your interests and needs.


The bank change itself

The bank change itself

Once you have entered into an agreement with a new bank and they have received your relevant documents, they will arrange all the practical things for you. It is everything from new thank you card, transfer of wages, payment agreements etc. that is moved and this process takes a maximum of one week. On the other hand, the transfer of bank loans, pension savings and other things may take a little longer, but the given bank can give you a specific answer – just ask loose!


What does it cost to change bank

What does it cost to change bank

The actual change of bank does not cost anything and as such does not require anything from you. However, you should be aware that expenses may arise in connection with the conversion of loans or quick loans, securities and pension schemes. However, there is always the possibility of negotiation and in most cases the price can be negotiated down or completely gone – so fight for a good price before accepting the offer!


Which bank suits me best?

bank loan

Make up with yourself what you are looking for in your bank; Is it the personal advice and banking environment or is it the better price offer that you emphasize?

The personal contact depends on the individual. Therefore, it is a good idea to inquire with friends and colleagues who hit the same customer segment as yourself.

If you are looking for another bank for reasons of price, you can search for various price indices on the web for good reason. Here you can get an overview of the prices in the market, which can be used in the negotiations with the banks. Always remember to compare OPOP.

In the end, it’s all about finding the bank where you feel comfortable. This must be in relation to both the personal advice, the environment you are met with and the offers the bank can give you.