Decorating Secrets for an Aesthetic Destination Wedding in Udaipur

Every couple wants to have a unique wedding. Well, lavish weddings are some of the most romantic weddings a couple can imagine. All eyes are on you as you take in a captivating sunset, fort, desert sand and foreground. Sounds amazing, right? Well, making your to-do list well in advance ensures that your dream wedding will turn out exactly as you envision it. We present you some ideas that you can choose from for your destination wedding in Udaipur to ensure that your special day is unforgettable.

1. Customize a stunning view of the fort

When planning your seating at the site of your chosen heritage fort, it can be laborious to properly arrange guest seating. You can arrange their seats facing the palace garden, so that they can admire the magnificent fort as well as the wedding. Planting flowers and plants in the arena will make the scene look absolutely stunning without detracting from the fort’s natural appeal. This way, a beautiful sunset or sunrise will intensify the backdrop as they take your photos while you are getting married.

2. Select the right color scheme for your room and set

If a surreal wedding in Rajasthan is not planned with the right color palette, it might end up looking rather sloppy. Even couples should use complementary colors to highlight each other’s bridal ensemble. If the wedding takes place during the day, you can experiment with paler shades of pink, peach and white. A cute, sophisticated silver lehenga and your groom wearing a teal sherwani can always be a winning combination at the cocktail party!

3. Exchange your vows at sunset

Why not enjoy the innate beauty of the surrounding landscape at home? Plus, you can set a stage for your very first dance together while watching a beautiful desert sunset!

The devil is in the details

4. Including these minor details

Sometimes the simple details of a wedding have a greater impact than its complexity. Decorate your place with vivid veils, tiny beads and glass paintings to make it more beautiful. Additionally, one can have original escort cards or custom handmade place cards for the guests at their wedding.

This gives it a more unique feel and gives your visitor something to remember you by!

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