Dressing for the perfect destination wedding



With endless blue waters, heritage palaces and breathtaking views, India is a mix of exotic and beautiful places that infuse charm and grandeur into the most special celebration of its life! As fun as destination weddings are, being invited to one takes a lot of planning! Putting these many looks into one suitcase for an extravagant weekend getaway can certainly be a challenge, given the varied wardrobe choices available to us now! To make it easier for you, we’ve picked out some must-have looks to make sure you’re one of the best dressed and that you stand out from the crowd.

1. A bohemian atmosphere for Goa

Goa is a state of mind with a mix of breathtaking sunsets, beautiful resorts, churches, Portuguese architecture and unpredictable skies. Effortless bohemianism is the way to shine brightly in Goa.

2. Go for vintage chic for Jaipur

With hints of royalty and old-world charm, Jaipur’s grand palaces create the most breathtaking settings, offering an incredible set-up for a royal Sangeet or a cocktail!

3. Vibrant colors for Udaipur

Imagine yourself harnessed like an imperial around great forts and royal palaces surrounded by lakes. Well that’s all you get in the city of lakes .. Udaipur! Surrounded by a magnificent view of the lake, Udaipur is the most picturesque place to organize a destination wedding. Magnificent palaces, verdant views, surrounded by endless blue lakes everywhere.

4. Back to basics for Kerala

Kerala is the perfect location for a destination wedding, thanks to its tranquil beaches, gorgeous backwaters, and stunning hill stations. Falling and staying in love is inevitable on this glorious tour of nature.

5. Overlay it to

A hidden gem in North India, Mussoorie offers surreal views of the Himalayas at sunset and shines with clear skies at night, making it the perfect place to host the perfect sunset or dinner intimate!


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