How to get married in Antarctica: the ultimate destination wedding

Imagine it: you’ve just landed at the southern tip of South America, feeling like a boss at the end of the world as you gaze at a giant ocean in front of you. You and your fiancé board a luxurious ship bound for Antarctica, where, surrounded by glaciers and penguins, you will be among the first get married legally on the seventh continent of this planet here.

It’s a dream that is now a reality for couples of all orientations looking for a truly unforgettable way to tie that sailor’s knot. Prior to this year, weddings in Antarctica were only symbolic ceremonies, but not legally binding: you had to obtain and sign the marriage license elsewhere.

Starting ironically on February 14, 2022, Atlas Ocean Voyages’ Happily Ever Atlas program allows clients to enjoy a rare trifecta: a one-stop destination, safe circumstances for Covid, and a marriage license that says “Antarctica.” “

It’s a destination wedding and bucket list trip all in one.

Atlas Ocean Voyages
Testing a strong relationship: if you can paddle the boat in the right direction. | Atlas Ocean Voyages

This new premiere comes at a potentially appropriate time, as the pandemic continues to cast a question mark over widely populated areas and events. With a reported wedding boom for 2022, this could be a never-before-seen option for those who don’t mind the hustle and bustle of a large guest list, aim for a safer celebration, but still want a memorable story.

All passengers must present proof of vaccination before the start of the trip and pass PCR tests before boarding.

Atlas Ocean Voyages
You know you want to pretend to be Jack and Rose now. | Atlas Ocean Voyages

Cruises may be the primary way to get to Antarctica, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the long trip. On Atlas Ocean Voyages, the weather seems to melt as you pass through Drake Passage, trying to remember which of the many chilled out nights you ate this incredible salmon or chilled out in the onboard sauna. Whether it’s tears of joy or the cold wind blowing your face, you can pretend to be Jack and Rose at the bow of the ship. Or you can go sea kayaking around the glaciers.

Only you, your partner, your crew of choice in life and the seals know the secret that this is the place to be.

The only wedding guests are already in black ties. | David Schultz / Mint Images RF / Getty Images

Antarctica, also known as the “white desert”, is the only continent without inhabitants. There is no permanent population, as visitors are all rotating scientists and very temporary travelers. That’s all to say there is a lot of room for social distancing. You might even feel like the alone human when you give your “yes” in this snowy expanse, surrounded by a guest list of penguins already dressed in tuxedos.

If you’re the type who prefers stunning nature to wasted materials like an aisle of rose petals and a bouquet of flowers, you’ll be happy to know that you’re not legally allowed to bring decorations to Antarctica anyway. , as dictated by the Antarctic Treaty, in order to protect the earth.

I see a duck; what do you see? | TasfotoNL / Shutterstock

Marriage licenses are issued by Great Britain, with reciprocity in the United States. This means that there is no need for US residents to produce additional documents. The entire trip costs $ 12,000 per person, which includes food, board, the trip itself, and airfare to and from Ushuaia, Argentina. You have to pay an additional £ 500 for the marriage license, but this is reimbursed by the cruise line.

Don’t forget your passport for this rare country stamp.

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