Just Married? Not so early! The mass marriage of 49 couples disrupted

The mass wedding was held at St. Joseph’s Kongoni Catholic Church in Kakamega County. [Courtesy]

At least 49 couples, who were exchanging wedding vows at St. Joseph’s Kongoni Catholic Church in Likuyani, Kakamega County, saw their nuptials disrupted on Wednesday April 7 after police established that Covid security measures -19 were not observed during mass. ceremony.

The original plan was that four couples would enter the church, have their unions celebrated, and excuse four more until the whole group could be declared married.

However, the original plan was not followed, as several couples entered the venue in total disregard of social distancing guidelines.

Police, who got wind of the events, rushed to the wedding venue and disrupted the ceremony, ordering all couples to leave the church.

The brides were pictured holding their dresses as they walked out of the church looking frustrated. The bride and groom, on the other hand, in their tailored suits, cut out figures of disappointed men.

One of the newlyweds, Katikisa Henry, said Standard digital that the original plan was for them to take turns entering the church for their respective weddings.

“Each couple was supposed to have a maximum of four participants. However, some of us came with ten people to attend the wedding, others came with 15 guests, ”he said.

Another disappointed husband, Mzee Wekutu, said he did not understand why the ceremony was disrupted by police, but that they were “following social distancing guidelines.”

“I was excited about today because I was about to marry the love of my life. The President, [in his last address in March] advised us to keep a safe distance when sitting on a bench. At church, we entered in small groups, until all 49 couples could complete their marriage. However, before the mass exercise could be completed, the police came to disrupt the ceremony, ”Wekutu said.

After nearly an hour of negotiating with law enforcement, the couples were allowed to continue their marriages, although a limited number were allowed to enter church premises.

Each mass session attracted seven couples, as had been capped by the bishop of the church.

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